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Chronos Equilibrium

‘Chronos Equilibrium’ is our initial foray into the creative world of games development and game making here at ‘Proximal Games Ltd’. It features ‘Lieutenant Eva Twining’, the lead (female) Soldier protagonist, suffering from CPTSD, she is as conflicted in her adherence to the truth of erstwhile combative excellence as is her journey to redemption from the trappings of the stereotype bequeath by the perceived illness, and conflicted self-belief.


Little does Twining know her envisioned illness is the key to humanities salvation as is discerned, consequent to psychiatric reports, by General Nathaniel Mears, Twining’s commanding Officer. Engage with us as Eva’s true potential unfurls into something that bestows, in its transcendence, the ethereal realm with a serving of true pluck.


In this journey of self-realization and rational romanticism the whiles of the underdog, and the truth that a common thread of true excellence pervades even those forgotten in the harsh realities of the barren and equally unforgiving brave new world of cybernetic intricacies and warfare.

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